Best wishes 2018

    Best wishes 2018

    Tomorrow brings a new year filled with promise and beautiful travels! Before diving into our big plans for 2018, we invite you to look back at PONANT's most noteworthy moments of 2017: our first cruise to the Scattered Islands, our new Blue Eye underwater multi-sensory lounge, the announcement of another world first, the PONANT luxury Icebreaker, and more.

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    PONANT increases its presence in Belgium Read more ►
    PONANT announces the launch of the first luxury Hybrid icebreaker powered by LNG! Read more ►
    L’Austral explores the Kimberley! Read more ►
    Construction of the first PONANT Explorer is announced Read more ►
    PONANT wins the Victoires du Tourisme Read more ►
    Le Boréal reaches the furthest ever south! Read more ►
    Unforgettable stopover at Château Latour Read more ►
    PONANT in the Scattered Islands for the first time Read more ►
    Blue Eye, a world first Read more ►
    The Cape… conquered! Read more ►
    PONANT becomes a member of AECO Read more ►

    And in 2018? PONANT has numerous events and innovations in store, including the company's 30th anniversary celebration and the launch of the first PONANT Explorer, Le Lapérouse!

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