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Located in the Arsuk Fjord, Ivigtut, now called Ivittuut, is a small town in southwestern Greenland known for being rich in cryolite, a very rare mineral used in the ceramics industry and to extract aluminium from bauxite. The open-pit mine was a once major economic resource for Greenland: a prosperous mining activity developed there in the 19th century until 1963 when the mine was closed. In the 32 km-long (22 miles) fjord that runs along the small town surrounded by tundra landscapes, you might be fortunate enough to see whales or rorquals swimming nonchalantly in the cold water.

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Reykjavík - Kangerlussuaq
Transfer + vol Kangerlussuaq/Paris
13 nights on board
14/7/2022 to the 27/7/2022
Reykjavík - Kangerlussuaq
Transfer + flight Kangerlussuaq/Paris
13 nights on board
18/8/2023 to the 31/8/2023

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