PONANT’s Loyalty Cruise in Central America

8 days / 7 nights
    Flight credit
    PONANT’s Loyalty Cruise in Central America

    Cruise Latin America

    from 13 February 2020 to 20 February 2020
    8 days / 7 nights

    Departure Port : Colón
    Arrival Port : Puerto Caldera


    • Ref : U130220

    Please note: this PONANT’s Loyalty Cruise is aimed at French-speaking guests. Lectures, shore excursions, pre and post programmes and public announcements will be in French only.  


    Exclusive cruise for members of the PONANT Yacht Club. In the presence of Jean Emmanuel Sauvée* – CEO and co-founder of PONANT

    PONANT takes you to discover Costa Rica and Panamawith an 8-day cruise. A truly beautiful journey between nature reserves, encounters with local communities and sailing through the Panama Canal.  

    Your journey in Central America will start with the discovery of the golden sand and translucent water of Holandes Cayes, one of the coral islets of the San Blas islands.

    After sailing through the world-famous Panama Canal, which connects the Atlantic to the Pacific, your ship will then sail on to the magnificent Darien National Park in Panama. This little corner of paradise is a UNESCO World Heritage site and home to remarkable plants and wildlife. Sandy beaches, rocky coastlines, mangroves, swamps and tropical rainforests vie with each other for beauty and offer a feast for photographers. This will also be the occasion for meeting the astonishing semi-nomadic Emberas community.

    Then you will be able to enjoy a visit to two superb Costa Rican National Parks: the Carara National Park and the Manuel Antonio National Park. Deep inside the tropical rainforest or under the rainforest canopy, you may be lucky enough to see multicoloured birds, monkeys, crocodiles and iguana.

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    Special offer(s) :


    $AUD 1300 flight credit per person on select cruises. This offer is valid until June 30, 2019, is subject to availability and may be changed or withdrawn without prior notice. It cannot be backdated.


    • A loyalty cruise for the first time in Central America, exclusive to the PONANT Yacht Club Members only.
    • Discover the fabulous National Parks of Central America, biodiversity and tribes.
    • Shore visits in Zodiac®inflatables.
    • UNESCO site: the Darien National Park from Playa Muerto, and its magnificent jungle.
    • Excursions in the National Parks of Costa Rica, sanctuaries of unspoiled nature: the Carara National Park from Herradura, the Manuel Antonio National Park from Quepos.
    • Discover the magnificent islets of the San Blas Islands and the picture-postcard beaches of Quepos.
    • Sailing through the Panama Canal, truly a masterpiece of civil engineering.
    • Encounters with the indigenous Emberas tribe in the Darien National Park and with the Kuna Indians of the San Blas archipelago.

     (*)Except in the event of force majeure.

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    Staterooms & Suites


      There are no staterooms available for booking. Please contact our cruise advisors.




      Featuring innovative and environmentally-friendly equipment, elegantly designed staterooms, spacious suites with large windows, and lounge areas that open onto the outside, this new limited-capacity yacht boasting just 92 staterooms and suites will offer you a truly unique cruising experience.

      As the fourth ship in a new series that remains true to the Ponant spirit, Le Dumont d'Urville will embody the unique atmosphere that is the cruise line’s hallmark: a subtle blend of refinement, intimacy and comfort.

      Aboard this ship that flies the French flag, you will experience the incomparable pleasure of an intimate cruise, with the possibility of exploring an ever-increasing range of destinations in an ethnic-chic ambiance with luxury service.

      Experience a luxurious setting where the accent is on authenticity and passion for travel.

      Port of call & excursions

      13 February 2020 – Holandes Cayes


      Embarkation 13/02/2020 from 16H00 to 17H00 . Departure 13/02/2020 at 20H00 .

      Colón is the second largest city in Panama, at the Caribbean entrance of the Panama Canal. Colón is today an important port, and the free trade zone created in 1953 contributed greatly to the development of the city.  Colón was founded in 1850 by Americans working on the Panama railroad connecting the Atlantic and Pacific coasts through the isthmus of Panama; the city rapidly overshadowed the older Caribbean ports of Panama when the canal opened.

      14 February 2020 – Holandes Cayes

      14 February 2020 – Holandes Cayes

      Arrival 14/02/2020 early morning. Departure 14/02/2020 late afternoon.

      Holandes Cayes is among the islands of the San Blas archipelago, a string of coral islands that graces the heart of the Caribbean Sea. Some 378 islands and cays covering an area of 260 square kilometres offer travellers a multitude of natural and cultural treasures. Holandes Cayes, which is nicknamed "the swimming pool", is popular with the cruise-yachting community for its white sand beaches and diving and snorkelling opportunities.

      15 February 2020 – Crossing the Panama Canal

      15 February 2020 – Crossing the Panama Canal

      Arrival 15/02/2020. Departure 15/02/2020.

      Aboard your ship, experience something unique, that has inspired the imagination of numerous adventurers in the 20th century: sailing the Panama Canal. Its construction started in 1880 under the direction of Ferdinand De Lesseps. Abandoned then resumed, this marvel of engineering was completed by the United States in 1887 and opened in 1914. The canal crosses the Isthmus of Panama and links the Atlantic to the Pacific. Including three levels of locks and by raising ships to the level of Lake Gatun, almost as if the water was a lift, it allows them to avoid having to round Cape Horn.

      16 February 2020 – Playa Muerto, Darien National Park

      16 February 2020 – Playa Muerto, Darien National Park

      Arrival 16/02/2020 early morning. Departure 16/02/2020 midday.

      The most remote and least developed region of Panama, the province of Darien is an unspoilt land with an extremely rich variety of flora and fauna. Listed by UNESCO as World Heritage, Darien National Park offers its extraordinary scenery of rocky coastlines, mountain ranges, mangroves, rivers and creeks. Discover Playa Muerto, a tiny coastal village home to the Emberas Amerindian community. You will visit the village, attend traditional songs and dances of the locals, and admire beautiful local craft.

      17 February 2020 – At sea

      17 February 2020 – At sea

      Arrival 17/02/2020. Departure 17/02/2020.

      During your day at sea, make the most of the many services and activities on board. Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation in the spa or stay in shape in the fitness centre. Depending on the season, let yourself be tempted by the swimming pool or a spot of sunbathing. This day without a port of call will also be an opportunity to enjoy the conferences or shows proposed on board, to do some shopping in the boutique or to meet the PONANT photographers in their dedicated space. As for lovers of the open sea, they will be able to visit the ship’s upper deck to admire the spectacle of the waves and perhaps be lucky enough to observe marine species. A truly enchanted interlude, combining comfort, rest and entertainment.

      18 February 2020 – Quepos

      18 February 2020 – Quepos

      Arrival 18/02/2020 early morning. Departure 18/02/2020 late afternoon.

      Quepos makes for a charming stop-off on the Pacific coast, just next-door to the famous Manuel Antonio National Park, an untouched tropical natural reserve lined with white sandy beaches. The town's seafront is an opportunity to stroll through market stalls touting pineapples and bananas in the shade of the manchineel trees. In this coastal town criss-crossed with tree-lined streets in bloom, admire the houses and their incredible sculpted balconies. Enjoy a spot of shopping in the many traditional boutiques: pick up some handmade cotton clothing, ceramics embellished with Costa Rican designs and home décor pieces in hand-painted wood.

      19 February 2020 – Herradura

      19 February 2020 – Herradura

      Arrival 19/02/2020 early morning. Departure 19/02/2020 late afternoon.

      Herradura takes its name in Spanish from the horseshoe form of its bay, covered in lush tropical vegetation, its beauty enhanced by the hills that loom over it. This small town is surrounded by national parks that are remarkable for the rich variety of fauna and flora they protect. When your ship calls here, it will be the moment to take a journey in small covered boats along the Tarcoles River, whose banks are home to crocodiles and iguanas. This mangrove also hosts the loyal and flamboyant Scarlet Macaw, with its red, blue and yellow plumage, known for mating with the same partner for life.

      20 February 2020▸19 February 2020 – Puerto Caldera

      Puerto Caldera

      Disembarkation 20/02/2020 at 07H00 .

      The port of Puerto Caldera lies on the Pacific coast, in the Puntarenas region, at the mouth of the Gulf of Nicoya. Areas of wilderness stretch along the coast. Further inland, among the countless natural wonders to be found in the generous rainforest of the Costa Rica’s national parks, Poas and Arena volcanoes towers up in all their majestic glory. In this luxuriant natural setting, Costa Rica protects one of the planet’s richest biodiversity: monkeys, sloths, tropical birds, iguanas, crocodiles, waterfalls, canyons, and more than ten thousand species of tropical plants.


      • The information below is current but subject to change at any time without advance notice from government authorities. Please consult your respective government agencies for visa and health information.

      • Passport valid for at least six (6) months beyond the completion of your trip. Passport must contain at least two completely clear, blank, unused visa pages for each visa required, not including any amendment pages. Visa pages with stains or ink from other pages in the passport are not usable. Guests who deviate from the scheduled embarkation or disembarkation port should research the foreign entry requirements for the port country. Due to government regulations, regrettably, Ponant will have to deny boarding to any guest who fails to obtain the appropriate travel documentation for this trip.

      • Warning about the use of drones: the use of drones aboard PONANT ships, whether they are sailing at sea, at a port of call or anchored, is strictly forbidden. The use of drones on land in the Arctic and Antarctic regions is also strictly forbidden by international polar regulations. In other regions, it may be possible to use drones on land if permission has been obtained from the relevant authorities of each country and each region travelled through, as well as a pilot’s licence that should be obtained from your home country. Passengers are responsible for obtaining these permits; they should be able to present them at all times. Passengers who do not obtain these authorisations expose themselves to the risk of legal proceedings.




      At PONANT, we attach great importance to being able to express our gratitude to our clients. Like the exclusive PONANT YACHT CLUB offers, the loyalty cruises were created to thank the most loyal among them.

      A unique programme

      Board one of our ships to discover or rediscover the treasures of our world while enjoying an exceptional programme. Our Loyalty cruises are specially designed to bring you a new and enriching experience and you’ll receive extra special attention.

      In the company of high-profile guests, enjoy the pleasures of a private cruise with exclusive features:

      • Gala dinners and cooking classes organised by renowned chefs,
      • Conferences and round tables led by high-profile professionals and recognised specialists,
      • Along with many other surprises, all in an idyllic setting…

      An intimate atmosphere

      True to its desire to cultivate the Yachting spirit, PONANT once again places the accent on intimacy for these private cruises. They are an opportunity to get together, socialise, and gather your opinions and comments about our products and services in a warm and relaxed atmosphere.

      Pre/Post & Overlands

      1. Before your cruise

        12/02/2020 – DISCOVER PANAMA CITY (1 NIGHT)

        540.00 AU$ **

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