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Considered to be heaven on earth, the Seychelles archipelago actually contains 115 dots of land, some of which remain totally unspoilt and devoid of human activity. With tropical forests, white-sand beaches, turquoise waters, breathtaking sea beds and giant tortoises, the Seychelles ecosystem delights travellers looking to spend time in the last-remaining earthly paradises.  

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Must-Sees - Seychelles

How can you choose between the 115 islands in the Seychelles? Stunning natural sites, idyllic beaches, plenty of terrestrial and aquatic wildlife: some of the archipelago's hotspots are worth special attention. Here, we look at ten of these must-sees in more detail.

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Must-Sees - Seychelles

The Essentials - Seychelles

Culture, gastronomy, practical info... Here's a little summary for those travelling to the Seychelles.

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The Essentials - Seychelles

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