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    • In the Spring of 2017, together with our 2 teenage grandsons, we spent an amazing 11 nights on board L’Austral on an expedition cruise around the Indonesian Islands where we visited remote villages on several islands. This was interspersed with many opportunities for snorkelling over various stunning coral reefs. On board we learnt a great deal about the wildlife and the Indonesians’ traditions by attending lectures given by some of the 11 member team of informed Naturalist Guides. The highlights were definitely spending time in Komodo National Park amongst the very prehistoric looking Komodo Dragons, and a visit to Tana Toraja in a mountainous region of Southern Sulawesi. Unexpectedly we were given the opportunity to attend a Funeral which is considered a celebration of life and can last for many days. As the guests are expected to bring gifts of live buffalo or pigs for the feast, our ship bought 2 large fat (Ponant) pigs which were presented with great ceremony to the family and gratefully accepted. To be included and warmly welcomed by the family at this important event was indeed an absolute privilege. These spontaneous “one off” experiences are just an example of what Ponant are able to offer their guests due to the fact that their small ships can be adaptable with their itinerary and make calls in remote places that bigger cruise ships cannot do. As frequent guests on Ponant ships, once again this cruise completely lived up to our expectations including the excellent service we received, and as grandparents what wonderful lifetime memories shared with our grandsons.

      Tina and Colin C.

      L’Austral - September 2017

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    We had a fabulous time. The ship was really well maintained, everything always clean, vacuumed, railings wiped, floors mopped, our room was always well looked after. The staff seem to go out of their way to be friendly, get to know passengers, help out whenever necessary. The Cruise director Kamel was brilliant, the captain and crew were a visible presence, and open to passengers visiting the bridge. Loved the food, always fresh. Lovely baked goods and so nice to just have a never ending supply of house champagne, white, red, rose, and a good range of spirits and cocktails. Mick Fogg was in charge of the group of “naturalists” who took us out on our daily zodiac trips. He has a great group of smart, well educated people who made it all so interesting. All of them were eminently qualified….degrees, masters, phD’s in environmental science, or zoology or geology, they were brilliant. Such funny approachable and personable characters, they really made the trip. Every evening there was a recap of that day and a summary of the following days activities. It was all explained to us very clearly and all the zodiac groups were super well organised. We loved the zodiac trips. The guides went out of their way to show us anything they could find, crocodiles, birds, turtles, fish, sharks. We had never seen a humpback whale before when north of Broome, the captain announced a sighting ahead of the ship which was a pod of 4 whales. We travelled slowly beside them for almost an hour, often not needing binoculars. They came so close at one point, about 50m away until they took a dive under the ship. Breathtaking!
    All up, BRILLIANT TRIP!!!

    Nerida & Tony G.

    L’Austral - August 2018

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    Antarctica is an amazing adventure that we are fortunate to have experienced from the comfort of Ponant’s Le Lyrial. The scenery is awesome, wildlife exciting, and weather unpredictable. The naturalists are knowledgeable, enthusiastic and entertaining. The hotel staff are friendly, accommodating and full of smiles. The ship is sleek, elegant and comfortable. The ship’s crew are professional and adept. We experienced snow, rain, sleet and sunshine.
    We saw sculpted icebergs, playful seals, breaching whales and of course lots of penguins. Zodiac cruising through misty ice floes and past rock facings with colourful lichen. Observing soaring albatross, snow petrels and diving cormorants. Hiking up to the top of a hill for panoramic vistas and through penguin colonies with their distinctive smell.
    With Ponant it all adds up to a fantastic experience at the white continent!


    Le Lyrial - February 2017

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    A wonderful experience in every aspect. Le Ponant is a beautiful yacht with thirty-two staterooms and ideal for the itinerary with so much stunning scenery. Comfortable staterooms, with good bathroom and shower, hairdryer. Friendly Captain and Crew readily available to interact with guests. Excellent food and waiters, with formal dining and dining on deck being our preferred option. Ports of call beautiful and unique with zodiacs at our disposal. Opportunities to swim off the back of the yacht as well as opportunities at most ports of call with sections of beach set aside with Ponant beach umbrellas set up by the wonderful crew. At Calvi, we were served champagne and oysters on the beach. Excursions optional but so interesting. Embarkation and disembarkation was effortless. We have traveled quite extensively and this experience is the most memorable and fun we have undertaken and we would do it all again in a heartbeat.


    Le Ponant - August 2017

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    The Soléal expedition cruise to the Arctic was sensational. Captain Garcia and Expedition leader Nicolas Dubreuil were an exceptional team, the guides/experts were great communicators and full of information, the on board experience was classic Ponant and we met a lot of fascinating interesting people.
    We enjoyed the most stimulating informative cruise of our lives and would urge you to continue this itinerary, particularly with the same team of Garcia and Dubreuil. I take the opportunity of sending you this 15-second clip of a video I shot of a glacier calving at Evighedsfkord, Greenland. I was lucky to be in the right place at the right time and it was a privilege to experience this expedition. I’ve already posted this video on Facebook so hopefully it will encourage others to sign up!
    Bravo Ponant!

    John L.

    Le Soléal - August 2017

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    What a wonderful cruise it was from all points of view. We were very lucky with the weather and sea conditions. Everything on board and the destinations and shore excursions were excellent. We would like to thank a number of particular staff on board who made our cruise that much more enjoyable.
    We arrived at the cruise ship terminal with all our suitcases, a few hours early and were greeted and assisted by Florent who arranged for our suitcases to be taken early. He was also there at the end to assist our disembarkation. At disembarkation time, West was very helpful in making things easy with suitcases, arrangements and securing a taxi. On board, Ryan our room attendant provided excellent service in a professional and cheery manner. At the bars, Raimanu and Dean provided great service and banter in a friendly manner. In the restaurants, Yogi and Dwi provided great service with a personable manner. Also, a mention of the Captain, David, his communications and demeanour were first class.

    Hayden & Kay H.

    Le Soléal - September 2017

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