Ponant Moment on board Le Boréal

    Ponant Moment on board Le Boréal

    Le Boréal sails to the ends of the Earth!

    Record latitude croisière Antarctique PONANT

    © Laurence Fischer

    “Today we crossed the Antarctic Circle and sailed at the most southerly latitude ever reached by PONANT: 68°17’S!

    It is a remarkable feeling to follow in the wake of the greatest explorers and take our guests to the end of the Earth.

    During this exceptional journey, where we were confronted with the immensity of the ocean, we were also able to enjoy the incredible sight of orca and humpback whales. A day that will remain forever imprinted on our memories…”

    Patrick Marchesseau, Captain of Le Boréal, 6 February 2017

    PONANT CRUISE - Emblematic Antarctica

    We are offering you a chance to sail through the heart of the Peninsula who offers travellers a final frontier surrounded by a gigantic ice sheet.

    During your journey, you will discover the polar desert with its grandiose landscapes. You will be able to admire the tabular icebergs whose immense dimensions have always held a deep fascination for the great explorers.

    Penguins are the veritable emblem of this ice-bound region, living in colonies of many thousands of members. Sailing on the drifting ice floe or waddling over an icy beach, you will be able to watch these unusual animals going about their daily life.

    Razorback whales, humpback whales, Weddell seals, leopard seals and seabirds: This expanse of polar iridescence is home to many other species that you will encounter during your various excursions.

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