World Oceans Day

    World Oceans Day

    PONANT reinforces its support for the Sea Plastics non-profit organisation and reaffirms its commitment to responsible tourism.

    8 June 2018 I On World Oceans Day, 8 June, PONANT, the world leader in luxury expeditions and the only French cruise ship company, reiterates its support for the Sea Plastics non-profit organisation and continues its day-to-day commitment to responsible tourism.


    PONANT and sustainable development

    Sustainable development, a priority in the design of the latest-generation ships

    PONANT’s efforts to reduce its environmental impact are not limited to the processes implemented aboard ship; they start with the very design of the vessels. Clean Ship (Bureau Veritas) certified, the PONANT sisterships are among the most recent ships in the global fleet. To reduce its environmental impact, PONANT chose to build the first hybrid electric polar exploration ship propelled by Liquefied Natural Gas. This vessel, due to launch in 2021, will embody the culmination of the efforts made by the cruise line. Its main innovation lies in the use of Liquefied Natural Gas, a fuel that significantly lowers CO2 emissions and enables SO2 and NOX emissions, and near-zero particulate matter. Quite simply, atmospheric pollutants will be eliminated when the Ponant Icebreaker sails in its hybrid electric mode in the polar regions, from 2021.

    PONANT, the only cruise company to carry out Environmental Impact Assessments.

    Before any new PONANT itinerary is finalised, an expert Expedition carries out a series of fact-finding missions. To this unique approach can be added a brand-new initiative: For each of its unexplored territories, PONANT carries out an Environmental Impact Assessment.

    This approach means that the potential impact on the ecosystem to be visited is identified and can be reduced as much as possible: a historic inventory of the region, a study of the fauna and flora, meetings with the local populations, choice of possible activities for guests, ensuring that they respect the local environment. This approach also involves carefully chosen itineraries, the writing of environmental guidelines that are specific to each one of these sensitive regions, a Code of Conduct for guests and, of course, zero tolerance of any potential negative impact.

    PONANT reinforces its support to the Sea Plastics non-profit organisation

    On World Oceans Day, the Company will donate 1% of turnover from the day of 8th June to Sea Plastics, thereby confirming its commitment to the preservation of the oceans The aim of this non-profit organisation, created in 2016 by students from AgroParisTech, is to contribute to the creation of a circular economy for plastic and to fight to protect the world’s oceans. Each year, an expedition is carried out to study the impact of plastics on the marine environment and to raise public awareness of this cause.

    association-sea-plastics Responsible tourism: everyone is an ambassador!

    The goal is to make the passengers aware of how necessary it is to protect the places visited but also to incite them to take on an active role, so that they become true stakeholders in the journey.

    ""We protect best what we know: that statement perfectly encapsulates the spirit that drives PONANT. to offer sustainable tourism, focused on values of respect for the ecosystems and the populations encountered, and on preservation of the environment, in particular the oceans and polar regions," declared Jean Emmanuel Sauvée, PONANT CEO.

    During their cruise, guests thus respect a set of practical measures designed to preserve the fauna and flora, local populations and oceans.

    Photos Credits: ©Sea Plastics, ©Studio PONANT

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