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Onboard vacancies

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The staff on board PONANT vessels are employed by Uvéa Marine Services, a crew maritime company.
If you wish to join our UMS ship teams, we invite you to apply for the vacancies below.

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Our onboard vacancies

The staff onboard PONANT vessels are employed by Uvéa Marine Services, a crew maritime company. If you wish to join our UMS ship teams, we invite you to apply for the vacancies below.

  • Deck
  • Engine
  • Hotel / Restaurant
  • Medical
  • Production (Speakers, Naturalists...)
  • Expedition

Onboard vacancies

Discover PONANT

As the only French cruise line sailing the globe and as world leader in luxury expeditions, PONANT continues the great French maritime tradition, offering exceptional destinations on small capacity ships embodying a lifestyle “à la française”: a travel concept that combines intimacy and curiosity, luxury and authenticity.


From the moment we were founded, we made the bold decision to focus on smaller cruise ships. Our closely-knit teams allow each employee the opportunity to play their part and contribute to the company’s development. An entrepreneurial spirit is part of our DNA and has continued throughout the years thanks to the leadership and presence of one of PONANT’s co-founders, Jean Emmanuel Sauvée. A shared passion for the sea and a love for travel is the vital ingredient that unites our teams.


Our expertise

The only French yacht cruise company, PONANT has become the leader in a new style of luxury cruising and promotes the art of sea travel around the world. We are a key player in the luxury sector and a fine example of French maritime tradition with our high quality services. Our employees exhibit a sense of excellence, refinement and eye for detail - the keys to our success. We are now continuing our development with a shareholder who shares this same vision for the future: Artémis, a holding of the Pinault family.

A unique approach to cruising, PONANT yacht cruises reinvent the cruise concept and offer a new way to discover or rediscover iconic destinations by providing:

  • Access deep into the very heart of ports and harbours, from the most iconic to the most secret and lesser-known
  • A more friendly and personal cruise experience onboard intimately-sized ships
  • Opportunities to encounter and meet local peoples
  • Passengers with the benefit of having honoured guests and expert speakers invited onboard to share their specialist knowledge and passions

Our values

PONANT shares strong values with its employees: Expertise, Passion, Commitment and Professionalism. We embody these values every day with a shared ambition for development. Our employees all share a taste for challenges and a love for the world of travel.

Our key figures:



including 1 sailing ship


Our score

on the professional equality index between women and men in France



around the world in 2018

33 700


aboard our ships in 2018

450 employees

7 offices: Marseille, Brussels, Mata Utu, Sydney, Hamburg, New York and Shanghai as well as our flagship location in Paris.

1500 dedicated crew work for PONANT across all the world's oceans.