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Mike Louagie

Mike Louagie

Born in Ostend, a port city on the shores of the North Sea, Mike quickly developed a passion for sailing, exploring the French and British coasts. His interest in photography, combined with his love of the marine world, led him to become an accomplished maritime photographer.

After graduating from art school in Brussels and completing his military service as a reserve officer with the search-and-rescue helicopters, Mike decided to become a freelance marine photographer.

His talent has earned him an enviable reputation among cruise lines, ferries and North Sea ports. For almost a decade, he was editor-in-chief of a professional maritime magazine. This enabled him to travel the oceans on board hundreds of passenger vessels.

His specialisation in expedition cruises led him to explore Antarctica in 2007, reconnecting with his true passion for the sea. Since then, he has made numerous voyages to the polar regions, with a preference for the ship Le Commandant Charcot.

When he's not at sea, Mike lives in Ghent, Belgium. He loves to share his passion with conferences and exhibitions, under the banner of 'Polar Stories'.

Languages spoken: French, Dutch and English


Photo credit: Caroline Verstraete

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