Refinement, curiosity, authenticity… Our unique travel philosophy reinterprets cruising and invites you to discover or rediscover iconic destinations.
Our Luxury Culture and Relaxation cruises offer you a new way to travel, by combining cultural enrichment with time to unwind in a luxury setting and sites that only insiders know about.


Theme cruises

Classical music and opera, food and wine, art and museums, theatre and literature, photography... take advantage of our theme cruises to combine your taste for travel with your hobbies. You will have unique opportunities on board and on land, with moments of true cultural enrichment and exchanges with artists and passionate specialists.


Our distinguished guests

Each year, our ships host no less than 50 guests of honour from different fields. Artists, writers, journalists, scientists… all experts in their fields who bring their insights and knowledge to provide you with an elightening experience.
Thus, each cruise marries the pleasure of travelling with the thrill of discovery, whether cultural, historic or scientific.

Prestigious partners

We have teamed up with prestigious partners ‒ cultural institutions and media outlets ‒ to complement your experience. Radio Classique, Cuisine et Vins de France, Paris Match, Musée du Quai Branly – Jacques Chirac and the Louvre Museum invite you to partake in exceptional discussions with members of their writing staff or renowned lecturers.

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Designing a Luxury Culture and Relaxation cruise

PONANT has always sought to combine a passion for travel with a passion for learning. Our staff approach craft each cruise carefully, ensuring lecturers and partners contribute unsurpassed cultural enrichment to the itinerary.
Interview with Christel Hancy, Director of Themes and Partnerships, and German Amaya, Cruise Designer, to learn more about designing these unique cruises..