A welcoming crew, experience & expertise, attentive service, fine dining and more. We take you to discover exceptional destinations while offering you a travel experience that is both authentic and luxurious.


Travelling the French way

PONANT is a hallmark for the French way of life across every sea on the globe. On board, this is translated through exceptional services, a multilingual crew and bringing French know-how to the fore.

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Exceptional destinations

From secluded ports to secret seas, from forgotten beaches to remote lands, our experts choose itineraries that take you away from major tourist routes so you can enjoy unique cruises and shorelines that few have seen before.


Small-ship cruising

Thanks to our small capacity ships, we can dock in exclusive ports and offer stopovers in preserved locations. Onboard, the limited number of passengers means that everybody can enjoy special moments and feel as though they are on a private yacht.

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Our story

Founded in 1988, PONANT is now the benchmark for a new style of luxury cruises. This enables us to look to the future with confidence and to carry out large-scale projects such as building new ships, technical and technological innovations, new itineraries and unique partnerships, etc.

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Our awards

Thanks to the values ​​we convey and our constant desire to innovate and offer luxurious and virtuous services, we regularly receive many international awards.

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Our commitments

PONANT aims at becoming a world leader in the field of sustainable development in the cruising industry. The environment and ethical operations are among our main concerns, both in the regions we visit and in our relationships within the company and with our partners.

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