We understand that life onboard our ships is what makes your PONANT cruise experience special.

Whether you choose a Mediterranean cruise or an expedition journey to the heart of icy Antarctica, you can be sure of exceptional comfort on board our ships. Our tailored and attentive service will make you feel like you're travelling on a private yacht.


Leisure and wellbeing

Enjoy a moment of tranquility at the spa or by the pool, work-out in the gym or take in a theatre show with your travel companions. Our ships have a variety of sublimely comfortable spaces to ensure your relaxation and share your experience with others to enhance your journey.


Fine cuisine

The French 'art of living' is always present onboard, even on the other side of the world. The varied French-inspired menu is crafted to the highest standards, cooked by our chefs using superior quality ingredients and presented beautifully, dazzling your tastebuds throughout the cruise.

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A social atmosphere

Enjoy the sophisticated ambiance of the many beautiful spaces on board. Attention to detail is what we do best, with each area being considerately and tastefully decorated. You're invited to enjoy your journey with other passengers or relax in total tranquility if you'd prefer to keep to yourself.


Luxury takes many forms

Our aim is to offer you a bespoke cruise, so every day we strive to offer you first class, intuitive service. Our staff are attentive and experienced, ensuring your comfort and are responsive to all requests, whether it's in your stateroom, lounges or in our various dining areas.


A typical day onboard

From morning to night, on board the ship or out and about on an excursion, discover what a day with PONANT might look like.

  • Morning

  • Midday

  • Afternoon

  • Tea time

  • Evening

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We know that excursions ashore to discover the fascinating locations we visit are central to your cruise experience. All our excursions are planned, tested and approved by our team of experts, providing moments that will enrich your cruise and make your trip unique.

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Health and safety

On land or on board, your safety is our main concern. This means we uphold strict safety measures, with doctors and nurses present on all our ships.

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Whether it's the Hospitality or Expedition teams, meet the the staff who will accompany you throughout your cruise - dedicated experts ready to make your cruise one to remember.


Leisure and wellbeing

Our ships* have a number of spaces designed to offer guests much needed moments of relaxation and comfort..

Leisure and wellness

A cruise is a holiday after all, so it's the perfect time to pamper yourself - our ships offer special areas dedicated to wellness and relaxation.

Leisure area

Dedicated to leisure and relaxation, the libraries onboard all our ships stock a range of books and board games. This space is also equipped with Wi-Fi and computers.
All ships have a special area for children onboard known as the Le Kids Club. Books, television, board games and consoles (PS4 or Wii™) are all provided to keep younger guests entertained.

The pool

The outdoor areas on our ships are all about relaxation in harmony with the location, and have been designed to merge into the sublime scenery and surroundings of the sea and horizon. There is a heated seawater pool featuring its own sun lounge on the top deck of our sisterships (Le Boréal, L’Austral, Le Soléal and Le Lyrial) and on the third deck of the PONANT EXPLORERS (Le Lapérouse, Le Champlain, Le Bougainville, Le Dumont-D’Urville, Le Jacques Cartier and Le Bellot). Le Ponant is equipped with a 400m² (4,300ft²) sun deck.

The theatre

Sit back and be entertained onboard, with a range of different shows, concerts and performances organised by the professional dancers and musicians who join us at sea. Special musical evenings, dance evenings and culture and music quizzes are held in the Grand Salon lounge onboard Le Ponant. Traditional local music concerts, featuring styles such as Corsican polyphony and Caribbean steel band music, are also performed out on deck in the open air by bands specially invited onboard to share their culture with you.


A photography and videography team escort you throughout your trip. These professionals capture the most beautiful moments of your cruise, which you can share with family and friends upon your return. Meet them on DECK 5 (DECK 6 on the PONANT Explorers ships) at the photo/video area, where you can also order souvenir pictures and videos.

* As Le Ponant is laid out differently due to its smaller size, it may not have all facilities mentioned.


We'll always be a French company at heart, so we're passionate about spreading the French way of life around the world. Anyone who has come into contact with France will know fine cuisine and gastronomy are central to French culture. Our talented chefs craft high-end menus so you can enjoy the delights of French-inspired cuisine. They share their passion for premium produce with passengers, enriched with the inspiring flavours from the stopovers that we make.
We are committed to sustainable and responsible tourism practices, so we source our food directly from the places we visit, while ensuring to respect the local resources.

The advice and expertise of Ducasse Conseil

In January 2016, PONANT announced we had joined forces with Ducasse Conseil, a catering centre of excellence run by Alain Ducasse Entreprise, to take our already beautiful food to the next level. From the conception of the culinary offering to the training of the company’s Chefs, this long-term project aims to ensure that PONANT’s culinary standards are as high as possible and to satisfy the unique requirements and tastes of our passengers.

On the menu...

Experience new taste sensations every day. Our chefs transform every meal into a feast for the eyes and the tastebuds.

Cep and chestnut velouté

Lobster, celery "rémoulade", truffle jus

Main course
Langoustines with pepper, tender fennels, light broth Beef Rossini, Anna potatoes and candied shallots, sauce Périgueux

Ponant Sails chocolate tart

Sample menu only, menus change regularly onboard.

On board Le Ponant

On board Le Ponant, in the Karukéra Restaurant and the Diamant Restaurant, enjoy delicate cuisine inspired by the flavours of the sea.

Special diets

We care about making sure every guest enjoys their dining experience, so special menus are available on request for guests with specific dietary requirements (low-fat, vegetarian, gluten-free, etc). Please let us know any requirements when booking.

There’s nothing like it, even more so with PONANT, where we sail from country to country. We start in Australia, and the following month we are in Japan: of course the dishes are different and the chef carefully selects local produce to showcase the best of the destination to guests
Philippe Tremel,
Head Chef - PONANT fleet

Read our interview with Philippe Tremel in Escales

Every day, our French baker bakes fresh bread onboard. Organic baguettes, sandwich breads and special breads are available as a buffet option with your breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

A social atmosphere

The common areas on board have been designed to make every moment something special. While they have been laid out to allow you to enjoy the company of other passengers and team members throughout the day, they still retain their private nature for when you just feel like curling up with a good book.

Lounges and bars

The various different lounges allow passengers to meet up and share quality time together.

The main lounge is the ideal place to relax with a drink and enjoy the various activities that have been organised such as dancing classes or themed evenings.

The cosy piano bar is a panorama lounge with breathtaking views of the horizon.

The outside bar is a great space for relaxing and is ideal for accessing the swimming pool* and deck.

The Theatre

The Theatre* is the most unique common space on board. It's the largest room on the ship and regularly accommodates all passengers together. It plays host to shows and entertainment as well as lectures and talks from our experts, naturalist guides and guests of honour. When it comes to memorable events and moments onboard, The Theatre is bound to feature in your cruise memories.

On-board events

Performers join us onboard every cruise. Recruited in Paris and Rome for their talent, their regular after-dinner shows at the Theatre are the perfect way to end the night. Throughout your voyage, they host the various entertainment events in the Grand Salon, with the support of our on-board musicians.

During Tea Time or before dinner, our musical duos consisting of a singer and an accompanying musician play classical arrangements from an extensive repertoire for your enjoyment. In the evening, watch them in concert at the Theatre or show off your dance moves. Dance evenings are co-led by performance dancers who know just how to keep you in step, under the direction of the Cruise Director.

There's plenty of themed entertainment to enjoy in the evenings. Both a soirée blanche (all-white party) and an officers' evening are held on all long cruises. Other types of parties or evening events may also be on the programme, such as karaoke nights, casino parties or games evenings.

Films are regularly shown at the Theatre on large screens. National Geographic features, documentaries related to our expedition route and feature films contribute to the cultural enrichment that is part of our cruise philosophy.


On board all our ships, a boutique is open during sailing. It offers a selection of gifts, souvenirs and necessities: clothing, jewellery, beauty products, postcards and accessories.

Excursion reception and office

On board the sisterships (Le Boreal, L'Austral, Le Soléal and Le Lyrial) and PONANT EXPLORERS, the reception desk and the excursion desk are arranged side by side to take care of any requests.

Reception: our receptionists are available to help 24 hours a day on all our ships (from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. on Le Ponant). Contact them for any request such as room service, etc.

The excursion office: the excursion team is available at all times to give you information about the onshore programmes, organise group or private excursions and to manage transfers at the start or end of the cruise.
On Le Ponant, the receptionists will be able to help with all excursion enquiries.

The Blue Eye

Every ship** in the PONANT EXPLORERS series feature the Blue Eye. Located in the hull, below the waterline, this unique multi-sensory lounge unique to PONANT cruises, plunges you into the heart of underwater life. With digital screens, hydrophones and Body Listening sofas, you can experience the feeling of being one with the marine realm.
Accessible to all passengers and equipped with a bar, the Blue Eye is an exceptional place to share a drink in a unique atmosphere.

Solo travellers

Whether you're enjoying a cruise in peace or to get to know other passengers, our ships are designed to accommodate your needs.
At the restaurant, our head waiter will sit you at a table with other guests and introduce you so you can share your meals in a friendly atmosphere. Our English-speaking crew members always make themselves available, attentive and approachable.

I recently went on a solo cruise in Patagonia. The atmosphere was very friendly [...] All sorts of activities were on offer where you could alternate learning or cultural sessions with rest times if you wanted to. Personally, I never got bored. Doesn't matter whether you're male or female, I would go for it. It's an adventure where you'll make some amazing memories

Solo traveller from the PONANT community

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*As Le Ponant has a different layout due to its smaller size, it cannot accommodate certain equipment.
** Le Lapérouse, Le Champlain, Le Bougainville, Le Dumont-D'Urville, Le Jacques Cartier and Le Bellot.

A typical day on board

Our cruises combine exploration with elegance, offering exceptional luxury services, whether it's on board our ships or during your excursions or outings and landings. Enjoy a refined atmosphere throughout the day which complements the exotic nature of the programmes on land.


Kick start your day the right way.
- Hot drinks and pastries are served from 6:30 to 10:30 for early risers and late risers.
- Enjoy your breakfast in the cabin with room service, in the restaurant or outside if weather permits
- Enjoy Lenôtre pastries cooked on board, bread made daily by our French baker, home-made cakes and muffins, pancakes, waffles, eggs, cheeses and cold cuts, detox juices, and more.



Departure alert for excursions or trips

We always want your activities to run smoothly, so your cruise director will alert you before departure for any excursions you have booked if you are on a Yachting cruise, or for Zodiac® trips, if you have opted for an Expedition cruise.


On board, enjoy our varied buffet. Among the wide choice of salads, vegetables, meat and fish, desserts and pastries, choose a starter, a main dish and a dessert that have been specially prepared based on the theme of the day (Corsica, Mediterranean, Asian, barbecue, Italian, etc.)
A restaurant on land is booked for day trips.

On board

Want to stay on board to enjoy a moment of relaxation?
- Attend a talk given by one of our prestigious guests of honour.
- Book a massage or treatment at the spa.
- Relax by the pool or in the library, keep fit in the gym or enjoy some quiet time by selecting the cruise photos taken by the teams from the PONANT Studio on the app or on the computers.


Tea time

Zodiac® excursions or trips

Your afternoon continues with land excursions to complement your Yachting cruise.
On Expedition cruises, enjoy included guided excursions with our naturalist guides and discover fascinating new lands.

An afternoon snack

- Around 4 p.m., after having enjoyed a few sweet treats with cold or hot drinks accompanied by music in the Grand salon, it's time to get ready for dinner. Our Hairdresser Advisors will offer you personalised services in the Hairdressing Salon.
- Enjoy the peace and quiet of your cabin to watch one of the 60 movies available in multiple languages ​​on your TV, book a tour through the app or bury your head in a book on your private balcony.
- Browse the boutique or stroll through the ship's various social spaces, in the observatory lounge (on the PONANT EXPLORERS and Le Ponant), the panoramic lounge (on the Sisterships) or the Blue Eye on the PONANT EXPLORERS, with a glass of champagne or a delicious cocktail in hand.

A gourmet dinner

Your late afternoon continues with a picturesque sunset accompanied by beautiful melodies played on the piano, plus an aperitif of course. Why not try a new cocktail from our menu each day? Dinner is up next, prepared by our chefs in keeping with the tradition of French fine dining.



An evening of entertainment

Continue your evening with entertainment in the Grand Salon or the Theatre. Enjoy a night of dancing, a classical concert, a show by our professional dancers or a film on the big screen.

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After booking your cruise, download the PONANT app from the Apple Store or Google Play. It's been designed to be your companion throughout your voyage. Before your cruise, there's lots of helpful information about how to pack your bag, the structure of the team on board and excursion pre-booking etc. During your trip, enjoy daily highlights of your cruise, make an appointment at the spa, order the cruise photos and book your excursions.

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Excursions & land itineraries

Each itinerary has been thoughtfully created by our teams and fantastic excursions planned to the best spots along the way. Discover the hidden gems of the regions we visit, depending on your interests.

Excursions & land itineraries

Hidden coves, ancient cities, UNESCO world heritage sites... the world reveals its hidden gems as you journey along the routes we take. In keeping with our ethos “Accessing the worlds treasures by sea”, we offer a wide choice of land excursions during all our cruises (except for expeditions, where a selection of excursions are included). Chosen by our PONANT experts for their cultural value and historic interest, these excursions can last a few hours or a few days. If you need to stay on land overnight, we take care of your stay from start to finish, until you rejoin the ship. These longer excursions mean you can discover the unmissable sites of the region you are visiting, like Cuzco in Peru or the Mekong Delta in Vietnam.
You can join these trips by pre-booking two months before your departure date.

Want to book an excursion?

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Before or after your cruise

Before the departure or upon the arrival of your cruise, various pre & post cruise stays are always available. We can also build a bespoke option upon request, made to measure. Paris, the Grand Canyon in Arizona, the Great Pyramids in Egypt... there are so many marvellous sights that might make you want to stay a little longer. Our PONANT teams take care of everything, extending your voyage and ensuring all you have to do is sit back and enjoy, even once your cruise has ended.

A varied choice of leisure activities

We offer a range of excursions based on a variety of themes. You can choose your land activities according to your preferences and must-see list, whether they're cultural or more a physical pursuit.
Choose your excursion from a selection of unmissable sights, cultural or heritage visits, nature and adventure activities, UNESCO sites, culinary discoveries and even our Originals.

Some things are unmissable

A safari in South Africa, kayaking through the heart of the Norwegian fjords or a boat trip in the Caribbean, visiting Pre-Columbian ruins... Whatever the destination of your yacht cruise, we offer enriching excursions and discoveries that are known for their cultural importance, historic significance and beauty.

North America and Canada

Whale watching
on a Zodiac®


Whale watching on a Zodiac®

Thrills guaranteed with this Zodiac® trip on the Saint-Laurent river. Your captain and nature guide will take you to the mouth of the river, where it meets the ocean. There's no better place to observe these sea giants and other marine mammals.


Central America - Mexico

A walking tour
of Colonial Campeche


A walking tour of Colonial Campeche

You'll arrive at the large entry gates into Campeche, the only fortified city in Mexico, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Although Campeche is probably one of the most picturesque colonial town centres in Mexico, it remains overlooked by foreign tourists. You'll finish your trip at the El Palacio museum which traces the history of this ancient Mayan trading port.


The Caribbean - Guadeloupe

Discovering the Saint Islands
by boat


Discovering the Saint Islands by boat

Nestled in a motorboat, you'll set off on a panoramic tour around the Saint Islands, an archipelago made up of nine islands. Discover Marigot bay, a local fisherman's haunt, the little uninhabited island of Grand Islet, a paradise for turtles and marine birds, La Coche and the Pain de Sucre. Enjoy some free time here to swim and snorkel.


South America - Chile

Arica: city tour
and geoglyphs


Arica: city tour and geoglyphs

Found throughout the north of Chile, these geoglyphs are some of the most interesting prehistoric art found among archaeological ruins. They are giant patterns made using stones placed on the ground; from above they represent animals, human figures or geometric shapes, their significance and use is still a mystery. Continue your trip with a walk through the historic centre of Arica, take a moment to admire the San Marco Gothic style cathedral, designed by Gustave Eiffel in the 19th century.


Atlantic coastlines - Madeira

Chai and Blandy vineyards


Chai and Blandy vineyards

Explore the Quinta de Santa Luiza - a unique, traditional property which maintains the features of a local farm as they once were in Madeira. It shelters sumptuous floral gardens and hundred year old trees brought back from around the word, plus the vineyard produces Madère de Blandy wine. You'll continue to chai Blandy, where a private guided tour will show you barrel making, canteiro ageing, transforming grapes into Madeira wine and the huge satinwood tanks.


Africa and the Indian ocean - South Africa

Safari in the Pumba reserve


Safari in the Pumba reserve

Safari through part of the 6000 hectare private Pumba reserve on board an open-top 4x4 in search of lions, African elephants, giraffes, zebra, buffalo, leopards and rhinos in their natural environment. The reserve is also home to more than 300 species of bird. You'll enjoy a buffet dinner in the heart of the reserve before rejoining your safari to head back to the main entrance.


Northern Europe and Scandinavia - Norway

Kayaking in the Nærøyfjord


Kayak in the Nærøyfjord

You will set off on your kayak adventure through the spectacular Nærøyfjordm, a UNESCO World Heritage Site surrounded by imposing mountains on all sides. Breathe in the fresh air and drink pure water directly from one of the many waterfalls and rivers that flow into the fjord.


Mediterranean - Greece

Olympia and its museum


Olympia and its museum

Explore Olympia, home to the very first edition of the Olympic Games, in the 12th Century BC. An ancient sanctuary at 2800 years old, with each step you'll discover a host of treasures, temples, altars, theatres and marble and bronze statues which once made this place famous. This place has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1989. You'll also visit the Olympia museum, which unites all the discoveries made on the site under one roof.


The Red Sea - Egypt

Luxor museum and temples


Luxor museum and temples

Discover the Luxor museum and its collections of pottery, jewellery and artefacts from the necropolis and the Theban temples. Then you'll head to the Temple of Karnak, known for its impressive row of sphinxes. This temple was the most important sanctuary in ancient Egypt. Continue to the temple of Luxor, where the obelisk that stands on Place de la Concorde in Paris comes from - it was gifted to Louis Phillippe in 1831 by Muhammad Ali Pasha, Ruler of Ottoman Egypt.


Oceania - New Zealand

The incredible thermal springs
at Rotorua


The incredible thermal springs at Rotorua

Take in the incredible thermal springs of Wai-O-Tapu, nestled in the bushland, created through millions of years of volcanic activity. Marvel at the brightly coloured “Champagne pool”, enormous volcanic craters, Te Puia and the famous geyser, and spectacular steam jets.


Asia - Indonesia

The wonders of Borobudur


The wonders of Borobudur

Visit the incredible site of Borobudur, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the largest Buddhist monument in the world. Built between 778 and 866 using over 55,000 square metres of stone, this monumental project was mysteriously abandoned. A significant eruption of the volcano of Mount Merpai nearby covered almost the entire site and it was only rediscovered in 1814.


Pacific Islands – Bora Bora

Shark and stingray encounter


Shark and stingray encounter

Embark on a trip along the coast of the famous Motu Tapu island and on to the former crater of Motu Toopua. Your boat will stop at a white sandbank in the middle of the area frequented by majestic stingrays. You'll be able to watch and admire them swimming all around you in an elegant aquatic ballet as your guide feeds them by hand. Harmless blacktip reef sharks often visit these waters and can be seen swimming amongst the stingrays.


Luxury service

Whatever your tastes, our attentive and professional staff are at your service to ensure your cruise will be one to remember. Even in the most extreme of climates, you can be sure of supreme comfort and exceptional service which are the hallmark of our cruises.

The French way of life

We want to make sure the French way of life makes its way across the world's oceans. We strive for excellence and therefore associate with partners who share the same philosophy.

When it comes to gastronomy, indulge in a sweet snack with Ladurée macaroons, taste Lenôtre's selection of bread, baguettes and Viennese bread or clink glasses of Charles Heidsieck or Veuve Clicquot champagne at gala dinners. Hermès bath products are provided in cabins while Fragonard room scents diffuse a pleasant fragrance throughout the ship.

Butler service

Our butler service is available for passengers travelling in one of the suites situated on Deck 6 aboard Le Boréal, L'Austral, Le Soléal or Le Lyrial, as well as all the Owner suites, Deluxe Suites, Privilege Suites and the Prestige Suites situated on Deck 6 aboard the PONANT EXPLORERS.
Attentive and discreet, your butler will provide a fully personalised service. Throughout your cruise, don't hesitate to get in touch to make your voyage a carefree one.

Laundry service

There's truly nothing better than a fresh set of clothes each day, so a laundry service* is offered on each of our ships. You'll find laundry pricing, bags and slips inside your stateroom. During your cruise, your steward or stewardess will be available to take care of washing and ironing** your clothing within 48 hours.

*Dry cleaning is not available.
**These are paid-for services and will be directly charged to your stateroom's account.

Room service

Whether you wish to have breakfast in the privacy of your stateroom, savour a snack in the middle of the day or enjoy your dinner in an intimate setting, our Room Service is always available. Taste the gourmet flavours of your destination and treat yourself from a varied menu at any time of the day or night*.

Pillow Menu

All of our staff onboard are there to help ensure your ultimate comfort onboard, down to the smallest details. That’s why you can select the pillow that best suits you from our pillow menu.

Open Bar

From the moment you board and throughout your cruise, unlimited drinks are included*, at any time of the day. A drink with friends at the bar, refreshments on your return from an excursion or in the serenity of your Stateroom’s balcony: enjoy a large selection of beverages (mineral waters, soft drinks, wines, beer, champagne, spirits, coffee, tea).
 A selection of premium alcoholic drinks are also available à la carte.

*Does not include top shelf premium alcoholic drinks indicated on the Bar Menu. Valid only for individual personal consumption, without limitations.

Free & unlimited Wi-Fi

Whatever your cabin class, all our passengers have access to Wi-Fi free of charge throughout the ship, on all the vessels in our fleet. We use a satellite link to make Wi-Fi available in most of the regions we sail to, even the most isolated.

Postal service

Update family & friends on your travels at any time during your cruise thanks to our onboard postal service. Simply hand your mail to reception who will dispatch it for you*. Postcards are available in the boutique and writing pads and envelopes can be found in your cabin.

*The cost of stamps will be debited from the cabin account.

Special polar cruise service

To make sure your stay in extremely cold climates is comfortable, a polar parka is given to all passengers sailing on a polar cruise.
You can also rent boots for Antarctic and Arctic cruises. Inform your travel consultant of your shoe size before your departure date and the boots will be delivered directly to you onboard.

Health and safety

The safety of our guests and crew has always been our greatest priority. On land as well as at sea, PONANT adheres to strict rules and are subject to regular international inspections.

In order to welcome all our passengers aboard in the best possible conditions, we have set up special health protocols. Our ships* are also equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment.

Before your cruise

During the cruise

Provisions on board

Inspections and classifications

The French flag

Crew training

A tradition of excellence,
professionalism and expertise

With almost 20 years of experience in extreme regions, PONANT is a true Polar Specialist. As the only French cruise company to sail in these realms of ice, PONANT has the ships and the experience to take you to the most remote regions in complete safety; Captains and crew members are seasoned professionals, specially trained to sail in these extreme areas.

Our new generation fleet, the youngest fleet in the world, has the latest technology and modern equipment to ensure your safety and also respect the environment of the regions visited. Our stable and silent ice-certified ships meet the most stringent international standards: 3D seabed visualisation using a dual sonar system, satellite weather station and GPS trackers on the Zodiac® inflatables.

*As Le Ponant has a different layout due to its smaller size, it cannot accommodate certain equipment.


Whilst on board our ships, the PONANT crew will be on hand to make sure you have a safe journey, as well as provide you with premium on-board services and memorable excursions.
Throughout your cruise, their job will be to exceed your expectations and make your cruise truly unforgettable.

Command Structure

Department Managers

Other Crew Members

Expedition Cruises

Expedition Managers and naturalist guides are present on board all our Expedition Cruises.
They are specialists in the regions you visit, particularly on their flora and fauna, geological formations, history and culture. Passionate and knowledgeable in their areas of expertise, they are responsible for organising safe visits to shore and outings based on the opportunities and unforeseen circumstances which make up any expedition.
Whilst on board, they will complete your experience by organising talks and other events, and would be delighted to answer all your questions.