To thank you for travelling with PONANT, we offer several benefits you can take advantage of when booking your cruise with us.

Celebrating a wedding anniversary or on your honeymoon, wanting to extend your cruise into a grand voyage, travelling solo or with family or friends or recommending PONANT to fellow cruisers? We have the perfect offer for you!

PONANT Yacht Club

When you book your second cruise you will become part a member of the PONANT Yacht Club and you will enjoy personalised attention, exclusive offers both onboard and on land, and the best dedicated offers.



Book your cruise early, as soon as sales open, and benefit from special promotional rates.

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Referrals Program

Do you enjoy cruising with PONANT? Refer your friends and family members and you and your referees will benefit from an AUD$800 discount per stateroom.

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Discounts & special offers

Whether it's your honeymoon or wedding anniversary, travelling solo, as a family or with friends, you can benefit from our special offers. Feeling adventurous? Book back-to-back cruises and benefit from discounted rates.

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Before and after the cruise

As your trip starts well before your cruise, we'll assist you right from booking your reservation. Our teams are at your service to personalise your stay or reserve your before and after cruise programmes.

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Refer us to your friends and family

Have you enjoyed cruising with PONANT? Introduce PONANT to your family and friends and take advantage of our Referral Program

As a REFERRER, you receive a discount* of

AUD 800/per stateroom
after your referee has booked their first cruise

The number of referrals is unlimited. Referral savings amounts can be accumulated.

Your REFEREE will enjoy a discount* of

AUS 800/per stateroom
on their first cruise

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Discounts and special offers

Travel can be shared or enjoyed on its own. It is the opportunity to create a bond, make friends or to discover the world and, through it, discover yourself and others. It brings people together no matter what their age. While travel shapes young people, it also sustains the inner flame of seasoned adventurers. We have therefore come up with a range of discounts and special offers so that you can go on the cruise you have been dreaming of.

Honeymoon Offer

    If you go on a cruise in the 12 months after your wedding or civil partnership celebration, you can enjoy the following benefits (except on Le Paul Gauguin):

  • 5% off the port-port cruise price only, excluding port and security taxes*
  • Bottle of champagne on arrival
  • A photography session and your 5 favourite photos for free (except on board Le Ponant)
  • 2 spa treatments (maximum value: €120 per treatment - except on board Le Ponant)
  • Onboard surprises
  • On Le Paul Gauguin, you can enjoy a traditional Polynesian blessing, as well as a bottle of champagne in your stateroom.

    * Offer valid on presentation of proof of eligibility. Offer is not combinable with any other discount.

Wedding Anniversary Offer*

If you are celebrating any multiple of five years of marriage or civil union, enjoy an AUD 300 discount per stateroom or suite for a cruise taken during the calendar year of your anniversary.

* Offer valid on presentation of proof. Discount applies only once per year of anniversary. Offer is not combinable with any other discount.

Single Traveller Offer

We would like to give our guests who travel alone the opportunity to enjoy an intimate experience aboard our ships. You can benefit from special fares on a selection of exceptional cruise itineraries and departure dates thanks to the Single Traveller Offer.


* The Single Traveller Offer depends on the type of staterooms and the availability at the time of booking. The cruises for which the offer is valid are subject to change.

Family and Friends Offer*

Because you often want to share your cruise with your family or friends, we have a special offer for you. From the fifth person onwards, all those on one booking will benefit from a 5% discount* on the port to port cruise price only, excluding port and security taxes.

And because your little ones are often great explorers too, children can now board the company's ships from the age of 3 years on Yachting cruises (12 months on Paul Gauguin cruises) and from the age of 6 years on Expedition cruises. Children and teenagers aged 3 to 17 years (12 months to 17 years on Paul Gauguin cruises) sharing their stateroom or suite with one or two adults also receive special discounts. Please contact us for more information.

* All passengers must be on the same booking number to qualify for the discount.

Consecutive Cruises Offers

Take advantage of our special consecutive cruises offers 1:

  • On all cruises: 10% discount on any combined cruises
  • On a particular selection of cruises 2:
    • 20% off the 2nd consecutive cruise
    • 30% off the 3rd consecutive cruise
    • 40% off the 4th consecutive cruise, etc.

1 Discount does not apply to the first cruise and relates to the port/port fare not including port taxes. The two above offers cannot be combined.
2 Please consult the list of cruises benefitting from this offer here.

Owner’s Suite

All Owner's Suite bookings include the following benefits:

  • A free 1 hour of spa treatment 1
  • One private transfer (round trip): Airport - Hotel - Port 2

1 Does not include additional purchases, limited to one free treatment per booking, non-refundable, non-transferable and not valid during an Ocean Voyage.
2 Unless the transfer is already included in your package - Limited to one round trip per booking.

The offers described above cannot be combined (except the Single Traveller Offer, Consecutive Cruises Offer and Owner’s Suite Offer). If you qualify for several discounts, the amount for the second discount is calculated using the price obtained after taking off the first discount, and so on. For more information about your benefits, please refer to our General Terms and Conditions of Sale or contact your travel agent.

PONANT Yacht Club

Being loyal to PONANT lets you take full advantage of the pleasures of cruising. As members of the PONANT Yacht Club, you will receive personalised attention, exclusive services both on board and on land, and offers not available to other guests.



After you confirm your 2nd cruise
After you confirm your 4th cruise
Grand Amiral
Grand Admiral
After you confirm your 7th cruise
After you confirm your 20 th cruise

Discount on your future bookings





Discount for all onboard expenses, except for excursions




Onboard credit





Complimentary onboard laundry service

The opportunity to join the PONANT Yacht Club’s Loyalty cruises

Complimentary Upgrade

Change your choice of cruise without incurring charges

Dedicated phone line

Priority boarding

What discounts will be applied on your future bookings?

Ready to book your next cruise with PONANT?

Have you lost your PONANT Yacht Club card?

You can make a request directly via our website by filling in the form on the Contact page and telling us that you have lost your card. We will send you your new PONANT Yacht Club card as soon as possible.

Terms & Conditions

The PONANT Yacht Club card is presented to each adult guest aged over 18 and eligible for the PONANT Yacht Club programme. The benefits and status are acquired upon confirmation of the reservation, unless it is cancelled prior to departure, and may be modified without notice. Free-of-charge or cancelled cruises, regardless of the reason for the cancellation, are not taken into consideration when calculating loyalty status.

The discount on your future bookings applies to port-to-port prices, and excludes taxes, discretionary expenses and transfers. This discount can only be combined with the PONANT Bonus discount, the discount applied to onboard cruise sales, the Referral Program offer, the Single Traveller offer and with the consecutive cruises discount.
The discount for all onboard expenses, except for excursions, applies to everything other than "Prestige" brands in the Boutique, jewellery, watches and black pearl products. The complete list of these products is available at reception during the cruise.
Onboard credit is non-exchangeable, non-refundable and non-transferable. It is valid for all expenses on board (excursions included, except on board Le Paul Gauguin), once all eligible discounts have been applied. Onboard credit can be used on Le Paul Gauguin and will be offered in the following equivalent US dollar amounts: $50 for MAJOR / $100 for ADMIRAL / $150 for GRAND ADMIRAL / $200 for COMMODORE. Not valid on pre-bookable and pre-payable tours, excursions or cruise programmes or for gratuities.
Laundry service is free on board, within the limit of 5 items per day and per person.
Complimentary upgrades offered on board are based on availability, offered within a maximum of 48 hours after boarding and only for PONANT cruises.
You may change your cruise free of charge the first time you change your cruise package, provided that the request is made 90 days or more before the cruise’s departure date (and 150 days or more for Expedition Cruises). The new departure date must be within 12 months of the original planned departure. Only one change can be made free of charge per calendar year per person for GRAND ADMIRAL and COMMODORE status, regardless of the cruise in question, and can only be applied to the first change only.
Dedicated phone line is only available for French-speaking COMMODORE, as well as Australian and New Zealand GRAND ADMIRAL and COMMODORE and only for PONANT cruises.
Priority boarding is subject to availability and only applies to certain ports of embarkation and only for PONANT cruises.
Discount and amenities above are not combinable with any other PAUL GAUGUIN offer, unless otherwise stated.


A cruise is a holiday one prepares in advance. Our promise is to guarantee you the best fares as early as possible so that you can make those preparations in the utmost comfort.

It is why we introduced the PONANT Bonus, a promotional fare with savings up to 30% off the cruise price*. Depending on the cruise availability, the fare is liable to increase. Therefore, we encourage you to book your cruise as soon as sales open on your chosen cruise to enjoy the best fares.

Don’t wait, book now to enjoy the best cruise price!

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* The PONANT BONUS price is yield managed so subject to availability and can change without prior notice. The PONANT BONUS price does not apply on Le Paul Gauguin cruises.