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Cruises visiting Dobu Island (Papua New Guinea)

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Dobu Island is one of the 5 islands in the D’Entrecasteaux archipelago to the east of Papua New Guinea. It is home to several bird species, including the white cockatoo and the curl-crested manucode. The local tribes are very attached to their ancestral traditions and theirs is a matrilineal social system, dominated by maternal lineage. The Dobu Islanders are also known for practising magic rituals and witchcraft. Their language is spoken on most of the islands in the D’Entrecasteaux archipelago.

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Cairns - Honiara, Guadalcanal Island
Transfer from the pier to the airport of Honiara
11 nights on board
12/11/2023 to the 23/11/2023
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Cairns - Cairns
12 nights on board
7/3/2024 to the 19/3/2024

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