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The convergence point for the field lines of the Earth's magnetic field, the Magnetic South Pole attracts the magnetic needle of the compass. While the Geographic South Pole is the Earth’s southernmost fixed point, marking the intersection of the Globe's rotation axis with the Earth’s surface, the Magnetic South Pole moves over time. In fact, it is linked to the Earth's magnetic field which originates in the Earth's outer core, which is made up of molten metal and is subject to convection movements. It was during the French Dumont d’Urville expedition to Antarctica, aboard the famous ships L’Astrolabe and La Zélée, that the hydrographer and engineer Vincendon-Dumoulin made the first calculation of the magnetic inclination that enabled him to localise this pole in 1838. Set off in search of the Magnetic South Pole, try to get closer to it and, if luck allows it, attempt to reach it!

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Lyttelton - Ushuaia
Transfer + Flight Ushuaia/Santiago
26 nights on board
6/2/2024 to the 3/3/2024

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