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Off the coast of Naples, the island of Ponza has always lived outside of time… Also known as the island of Circe, where the famous magician who captivated Ulysses was born, this magnificent rock, the result of a volcanic eruption, rises from the Tyrrhenian Sea. Faced with the wild beauty of this site, you will understand why Ulysses was in no hurry to head off for Ithaca. Its rugged coastline of rocks and white or blue-grey cliffs, sculpted by the wind and the waves, is full of sea caves that the Romans used to use for bathing. The village of Ponza also offers a pretty sight, with its colourful cubic houses forming a semi-circle around the tiny port.

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Valletta - Nice
6 nights on board
17/5/2023 to the 23/5/2023

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