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Tugtilik is a magnificent, small sheltered fjord fed by a glacier front that stands more than thirty metres (100 feet) tall. Its name probably means “the place where the reindeer live” and it is a favourite spot of hunters and fishermen. Inland, a four-kilometre (2.5 mile) long lake teems with arctic char, one of the only species found at such northerly latitudes. This is the lake that Gino Watkins had considered as a potential landing place during his second expedition to Greenland in 1932 in search of a transatlantic air route. A small memorial stands as a reminder that here, in this place he had named “Lake Fjord”, he tragically lost his life at the age of 25 after setting off alone in a kayak to hunt.

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Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen - Kangerlussuaq
14 nights on board
28/6/2023 to the 12/7/2023

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