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Christiane Rancé

Christiane Rancé

After being a senior reporter for Figaro Magazine and then for Geo, Christiane Rancé devoted herself to writing, while continuing her travels and her collaborations with the press. She signs for the Revue des Deux Mondes, Le Monde des Religions, the magazine Histoire et Civilisations, and at La Croix where she wrote a weekly column from 2019 to July 2022. She writes reports focusing on geopolitics, culture, - art and history (in Europe, India, Africa and Latin America) – as well as large portraits such as those of Cervantes, Charles de Foucauld or René Girard.

Her first novel, On ne fait que passer, published by NiL in 1999, was a bestseller. Subsequently, Christiane Rancé published an essay Jesus at Gallimard then, at Seuil, the biographies of literary figures such as Simone Weil and Leo Tolstoy. About this book, Franz-Olivier Giesbert wrote in Le Point : “I challenge anyone who has started this book not to finish it in a hurry, breathless. This is Rancé’s magic: his passion is contagious. »

Her book on Thérèse d’Avila was crowned with the Essay Prize of the French Academy, and her Spiritual Notebooks with the Prize for Christian Humanism. His essay on prayer, published on Seuil, received the Panorama/La Procure prize.

In 2019, she published a personal Dictionary of saints at Plon. In 2021, she publishes a literary novel dedicated to travel, Le Grand Large, crowned by the Etienne de la Boétie prize. Bella Italia, (2023) a loving evocation of Italy, brings together the great figures of art and history of the Peninsula and with them, its most beautiful landscapes and the encounters that thirty years of travels in this country have brought her to do.

Christiane Rancé is also often invited to give lectures on subjects that are close to her heart, and that she has covered in her books.

Spoken languages : French, English, Spanish and notions of Italian


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