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Daniele Galliazzo

Daniele Galliazzo

Chef at Londra Palace in Venice

Born in Treviso in 1984, he grew up for culture and passion among the gastronomic excellences of a territory rich in exceptional raw materials. He chooses - and develops - his course of study, focusing to training in haute cuisine with particular attention to the enhancement of the organoleptic uniqueness of the raw materials of the Venetian territory, which he puts into practice at the Gran Caffè Quadri in Venice.

Driven by the desire to experiment beyond the regional border, he travels to Switzerland, Costa Smeralda and Tuscany, deepening the rigorous and innovative processing techniques of categories of raw materials until then less treated during previous experiences such as meat, flour for baking, wild herbs and dairy products.

The call of Venice and its uniqueness will lead him in 2015 to accept the role of Sous Chef at the historic Londra Palace Venezia, where his professionalism and experience, linked to a strong and gentle character allow him to be appointed in 2021 Chef of the double culinary proposal, LPV Restaurant and LPV Bistrot, with constant research and attention to vegetarian and seasonal proposals.

Language spoken : English


Photo credit : Dario Garofalo

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