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Jonathan Shackleton

Jonathan Shackleton

Jonathan Shackleton lives in Mullagh in County Cavan, Ireland, where his family runs an organic farm and a forest. A cousin of the famous Antarctic explorer, Sir Ernest Shackleton, Jonathan is the historian for the family which traces its ancestry back to Abraham Shackleton, founder of a famous Quaker school in Baltimore, County Kildare, established in 1726.

Jonathan is passionate about Antarctica and its exploration and has taken part in numerous expeditions over the last 25 years. As a historian, guide, photographer and Zodiac driver he has accompanied 44 groups in the Antarctic, including a memorable private voyage in 2016 with famous guests including Tom Hanks, Michael Palin and Jools Holland.

As well as the expeditions, Jonathan has been actively involved in a range of activities related to Shackleton and Antarctica, contributing to films, TV documentaries, interviews, exhibitions and global conferences.

He is also an accomplished author and academic. He is co-author of Shackleton – An Irishman in Antarctica with John MacKenna, highlighting Ernest Shackleton’s legacy and family history. His academic contributions range from publications like Nimrod - The Journal of the Ernest Shackleton Autumn School to The Antarctic Crossing.

Owing to his indepth knowledge, experience and unwavering dedication, Jonathan Shackleton continues to inspire exploration and conservation efforts, creating an enduring legacy for the world of Antarctic exploration.

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