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Katryn Wiese

Katryn Wiese

Katryn Wiese is a professor of Geology and Oceanography at City College of San Francisco, where she has taught field, lab, and lecture classes since 1995. She studied Earth and Ocean Sciences at Caltech, Oregon State University, and Stanford University and focused her early research experiences on volcanic processes in Australia, Iceland, and the surrounding seafloor. Since then, she has journeyed worldwide as a scientist and field guide, gaining local geologic and oceanographic expertise across the U.S., Central and South America, Arctic and Antarctic locales, and a multitude of ocean island locations including the Azores, the Galápagos Islands, Palau, Tahiti, Fiji, the Hawaiian Islands, and many more. In the classroom, in the field, or through her Earth Rocks! YouTube video channel, Katryn’s primary focus today is helping students of all ages recognize and understand better the geologic and oceanographic phenomena that build and modify the landscape and impact the organisms that live within that landscape and the climate that supports them.

Language spoken: English

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