Our Expedition Destinations

    Luxury Expedition

    When you choose a PONANT ‘Expedition’ cruise, you are choosing comfort, refinement and discovery. Irrespective of the destination, from the icy poles to the great Amazonian rivers, the remote lagoons of the Pacific or the jungle of Borneo, PONANT takes you off the beaten track, as close as possible to nature and far from maritime route.

    A luxury Expedition with PONANT means:

    • More than 15 years of expertise in the Polar Regions.
    • A fleet of 4 luxury yachts designed for extreme regions whose smaller size allows them to bring guests ashore at the most exceptional sites which other ships are unable to reach.
    • Expedition itineraries characterised by flexibility at all times: Our Captains and Expedition Leaders can make unscheduled stops to let guest enjoy the surprises of nature.
    • Itineraries are renewed and updated each year.
    • Expedition teams made up of enthusiastic experts and scientists.
    • Constant respect for the environment, from the design of our yachts to our shore visits
    • And always the quality, service and comfort on which PONANT has built its reputation, regardless of the destination.
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