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The Faroe Islands, an archipelago formed by volcanic rock, reveal an incredible diversity of reliefs where the sea is ubiquitous: you’ll sail past stone pinnacles and unique coastlines. To the west of the island of Vagar stand Thindolmur and Drangarnir, rocky outcrops that marine erosion have detached from the coast, thus forming independent islets known as stacks. The impressive Traelanipa cliff, also known as Slave Cliff, stands 142 metres (466 feet) high. It overlooks the superb Lake Sorvagsvatn. Located 30 metres (98 feet) above sea level, this is the archipelago’s largest lake. On the island of Streymoy, you’ll be able to spot guillemots, screeching fulmars or penguins, nesting in the welcoming crevices of the Vestmanna cliffs.

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Bergen - Reykjavík
10 nights on board
3/8/2024 to the 13/8/2024

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