Fjords & Spitsbergen

11 days / 10 nights
    Roundtrip flight included
    Fjords & Spitsbergen
    Flight Paris/Bergen + Transfers + Flight Longyearbyen/Paris

    Cruise The Arctic

    from 22 June 2018 to 2 July 2018
    11 days / 10 nights

    Departure Port : Bergen
    Arrival Port : Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen

    Ship : LE BOREAL

    • Ref : BL1245 - B220618

    PONANT invites you to on an exceptional experience discovering Norway and the immensity of the polar universe.

    You will set sail from Bergen for an 11-day cruise on board Le Boréal which will take you to exceptional sites. Your cruise will conclude with 4 days and 3 nights of luxury expeditions.

    From Olden you will head to the Briksdal glacier, one of the most beautiful in Europe.

    Le Boréal will then sail towards the Geiranger Fjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its imposing mountains and its waterfalls make it an absolutely remarkable place.

    Even further north, you will reach the Lofoten Islands. This archipelago has landscapes of surreal beauty alternating between sea, mountain slopes and fine sand beaches.

    You will also sail by Bear Island, halfway between the North Cape of Norway and the South Cape of Spitsbergen. You will see many sea birds, such as guillemots or Atlantic puffins, which have found refuge in the vast cliffs of the south of the island.

    The cruise will continue to the islands of the Svalbard archipelago for an absorbing expedition. On these frozen lands, where the midnight sun follows the polar night, you may get a glimpse of a polar bear, the king of this domain.

    As you pass into the Arctic Circle, you will experience a unique feeling of having arrived at the end of the world

    Subject to ice and weather conditions. The expedition highlights and itineraries described above illustrate possible experiences only and cannot be guaranteed.

    • Free parka Free parka
    • Naturalists Naturalists
    • Free boot rental Free boot rental
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    • Sail into universally known and recognised West Norwegian Fjords to the ice floe landscapes of Spitsbergen;
    • Cross the Arctic Circle;
    • Expedition cruise during the last 4 days of our cruise and outings and shore visits in Zodiac® inflatables with your naturalist guides during the 2 last days of your cruise;
    • Landscape: fjords, vertiginous cliffs, ice floes, jagged mountains, icebergs, ice caps, steep-sided valleys, sheer cliffs, huge glaciers.

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    Staterooms & Suites


      There are no staterooms available for booking. Please contact our cruise advisors.


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      Like her sisterships, Le Boréal embodies the subtle alliance between luxury, intimacy and wellbeing which is PONANT’s signature. The elegance of her exterior and interior lines and her intimate size (only 132 staterooms and suites) make this a rare and innovative yacht on the cruise market.

      Interior Design
      Superior materials, discreet elegance and a tasteful décor reflect a nautical mood subtly revisited. Aboard, soothing neutral grey tones are enlivened by splashes of red, our signature theme linking tradition and innovation to create personal touches in the spirit of a “private yacht”.

      Port of call & excursions

      22 June 2018 – Olden


      Embarkation 22/06/2018 from 17H30 to 17H00 . Departure 22/06/2018 at 19H30 .

      Located at the end of Byfjord, Bergen was the capital of Norway in the 12th and 13th Centuries and has preserved some very beautiful monuments from the time when it was home to royalty. Wandering through Bergen’s streets means going back in time, in search of the hidden treasures that have been listed as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. A veritable openair museum, Bergen is home to a thriving artistic community of painters, potters, jewellers. The Bergen cable car offers you a splendid panorama over the port and the surrounding fjords. Do not miss the visit to the old quarter with its narrow streets, a testimony of the power of the hanseatic League that controlled trade in Northern Europe at the end of the Middle Ages.

      23 June 2018 – Olden

      23 June 2018 – Olden

      Arrival 23/06/2018 midday. Departure 23/06/2018 late afternoon.

      With its two wooden churches, one red and the other white, plus its breathtaking view of the mouth of the river Oldeelva, Olden looks just like a picture post card. Located a few kilometres from the Jostedalsbreen park, home to one of the last glacier polar icecaps, this little village is a definite must for exploring the blue languages of the Briksdal or Kjennalen glaciers. Make sure you find some time to visit the Norwegian Glacier Museum. Absolutely amazing. Another gem is lake Lovatn and its turquoise waters inviting you to quiet contemplation.

      24 June 2018 – Hellesylt

      24 June 2018 – Hellesylt

      Arrival 24/06/2018 early morning. Departure 24/06/2018 early morning.

      Hellesylt is a small village located 20 kilometres from the Geiranger site. Here, you’ll get a taste of a traditional Norwegian village. Colourful houses, wooden walkways, rustic stalls where you can have a refreshment before heading off to discover more of the local colour. The surroundings are simply magnificent with cliffs, mountains and lakes with peaceful waters. The village is crossed by a river whose charming cascade tumbles into the fjord waters.

      24 June 2018 – Geiranger

      24 June 2018 – Geiranger

      Arrival 24/06/2018 late morning. Departure 24/06/2018 early evening.

      A must-see stopover in Norway, located halfway between Bergen and Trondheim, Geiranger offers the stunning beauty of a natural decor, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The splendour of the sheer cliffs, dark rock and crystalline water are the stars of the show here. The sides of the fjord offer many possibilities for hiking: the Eagle’s Road takes you up to a steep stretch offering a gorgeous panoramic view. A visit to Geiranger village will immerse you in the rhythm of life in the little local community.

      25 June 2018 – Crossing the Arctic Circle 

      25 June 2018 – Crossing the Arctic Circle 

      Arrival 25/06/2018. Departure 25/06/2018.

      On board your ship, cross the mythical line of the Arctic Circle. This famous parallel runs at around 66° 33’ latitude north. Often considered the gateway to the Arctic, it is simply the latitude from which it is possible to observe the midnight sun at least once in the year. Once over the Circle, during the summer months, you will therefore be able to sail in permanent daylight and the low light that is so particular to the polar regions. A unique moment, which will doubtless remain one of the highlights of your cruise.

      26 June 2018 – Reine, Lofoten

      26 June 2018 – Reine, Lofoten

      Arrival 26/06/2018 early morning. Departure 26/06/2018 late morning.

      Way beyond the Arctic Circle, Lofoten Islands are truly considered to be in “another world”. A jewel of nature in its most pristine state, this archipelago with its jagged coastline offers you majestic settings of high alpine summits, sandy beaches, green prairies and fjords of a deep blue, where countless bird colonies make their nests. Whether you visit Å, or Nusjford, listed by UNESCO, enjoy authentic and memorable moments.

      26 June 2018 – Leknes, Lofoten

      26 June 2018 – Leknes, Lofoten

      Arrival 26/06/2018 early afternoon. Departure 26/06/2018 evening.

      Way beyond the Arctic Circle, Lofoten Islands are truly considered to be in “another world”. A jewel of nature in its most pristine state, this archipelago with its jagged coastline offers you majestic settings of high alpine summits, sandy beaches, green prairies and fjords of a deep blue, where countless bird colonies make their nests. Whether you visit Å, or Nusjford, listed by UNESCO, enjoy authentic and memorable moments.

      27 June 2018 – Svolvaer, Lofoten

      27 June 2018 – Svolvaer, Lofoten

      Arrival 27/06/2018 early morning. Departure 27/06/2018 midday.

      Located on the island of Austvågøy, in the county of Nordland, Svolvær will be your ideal entry point for discovering the Lofoten islands. An important stopover to the north of Norway, fishing is one of the town’s main features. And its speciality is? Cod. A picturesque white Lutherian church rests atop a hillside ridge, overlooking the town's multi-coloured houses. Still higher, the “The Solvær Goat” mountain looks over the town from its rocky heights. Topped with two peaks like the horns of an animal, it is one of the region’s must-see natural attractions.

      27 June 2018 – Sailing in Trollfjorden

      27 June 2018 – Sailing in Trollfjorden

      Arrival 27/06/2018. Departure 27/06/2018.

      According to legend, trolls were the guardians of this 2-km long fjord accessible via the Raftsund Strait, between the Vesterålen Archipelago and the Lofoten Islands. Dominated on both sides by vertical rock faces that stand up to 1,000 metres high in parts, Trollfjorden welcomes you in a magical atmosphere which its narrowness helps to create. During this unforgettable journey, you will indeed have the impression that you’re grazing the surrounding mountains and that you’ll never see the end of this marine cul-de-sac. After a delicate U-turn, your ship will finally head back in the opposite direction: this will perhaps be the opportunity to observe, for want of trolls, seals and eagles, which are often present in this site, unique on earth.

      28 June 2018 – Tromso

      28 June 2018 – Tromso

      Arrival 28/06/2018 early morning. Departure 28/06/2018 midday.

      In the north of the Arctic circle you’ll discover Tromsø, a secluded town located in the county of Troms. Norwegians call it the “Paris of the north”. You’ll soon see why when you discover its extensive neoclassical architectural heritage. A stunning example is the Arctic cathedral, a major monument whose stylistic purity echoes the outline of the mountains surrounding the town.

      29 June 2018 – Sailing by Bjornoya (Bear Island)

      29 June 2018 – Sailing by Bjornoya (Bear Island)

      Arrival 29/06/2018. Departure 29/06/2018.

      Halfway between Norway and Spitsbergen, you will sail not far from the coastlines of Bjørnøya, the southernmost island of Svalbard. From your ship, observe this isolated piece of land discovered in 1596 by the Dutch navigator Willem Barents, then looking for the Northwest Passage. Following a tough fight between a polar bear and the members of the expedition, he dubbed the place Bear Island. Regularly covered by a thick layer of fog, Bjørnøya shelters a meteorological station built in 1923, which is still in operation. Declared a nature reserve in 2002, the island is above all home to an enormous colony of sea birds: skuas, guillemots, puffins, Tridactyl gulls, petrels, gulls and little auks all coexist here.

      30 June 2018 – Horn Glacier, Spitsbergen

      30 June 2018 – Horn Glacier, Spitsbergen

      Arrival 30/06/2018. Departure 30/06/2018.

      Nestling between millennial glaciers and carved mountains, and considered to be “the crown of Arctic Norway”, Spitsbergen is a place that never sees the night. Your ship will take you closer to this fascinating archipelago and, more particularly, the Hornsund fjord. Considered to be Svalbard’s southernmost fjord, it is especially reputed to be its most stunning: at the end of its vast bay, 8 great glaciers slowly make their way down to the sea before giving way to the many icebergs elegantly drifting along its cold and mysterious waters.

      1 July 2018 – Bellsund, Spitsbergen

      1 July 2018 – Bellsund, Spitsbergen

      Arrival 01/07/2018. Departure 01/07/2018.

      You will head to the Bellsund fjord to follow in the footsteps of the first explorers who came from the Norwegian coast, or those of the many fur traders seeking game and trophies. Boasting an astonishingly rich wildlife, the arms of the fjord separate to form two lush valleys. Give free rein to your imagination in the heart of this majestic natural environment where time seems to stand still.

      2 July 2018▸1 July 2018 – Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen

      Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen

      Disembarkation 02/07/2018 at 07H00 .

      Longyearbyen is the capital of the Norwegian Svalbard archipelago, located on Svalbard’s main island, and is the northernmost territorial capital on the planet. With winter temperatures dropping to below 40°C, the landscapes of this mining town are simply breathtaking. The glaciers, the mountains stretching as far as the eye can see and the untouched nature, make you feel like you’re in completely unexplored territory.


      • The information below is current but subject to change at any time without advance notice from government authorities. Please consult your respective government agencies for visa and health information.

      • Passport valid for at least six (6) months beyond the completion of your trip. Passport must contain at least two completely clear, blank, unused visa pages for each visa required, not including any amendment pages. Visa pages with stains or ink from other pages in the passport are not usable. Guests who deviate from the scheduled embarkation or disembarkation port should research the foreign entry requirements for the port country. Due to government regulations, regrettably, Ponant will have to deny boarding to any guest who fails to obtain the appropriate travel documentation for this trip.

      • Warning about the use of drones: the use of drones aboard PONANT ships, whether they are sailing at sea, at a port of call or anchored, is strictly forbidden. The use of drones on land in the Arctic and Antarctic regions is also strictly forbidden by international polar regulations. In other regions, it may be possible to use drones on land if permission has been obtained from the relevant authorities of each country and each region travelled through, as well as a pilot’s licence that should be obtained from your home country. Passengers are responsible for obtaining these permits; they should be able to present them at all times. Passengers who do not obtain these authorisations expose themselves to the risk of legal proceedings.


      Polar Expedition

      Polar Expedition

      Discover the unique concept of PONANT polar expedition cruises: explore the world’s extreme regions while enjoying luxurious comfort and service.

      A luxury expedition voyage

      Choosing a PONANT expedition cruise means choosing a state of mind: the alliance of elegance and authenticity, of exploration and comfort, of adventure and refinement… The comfort of your ship and your stateroom, personalised and attentive service, refined gastronomy: a very special atmosphere that we take great care to maintain. In the heart of the ice floes of the Arctic and the Antarctic, our luxurious services will ensure that your expedition cruise is an unforgettable experience.

      PONANT, polar specialists

      With almost 20 years of experience in the extreme regions, PONANT, the world’s number 1 polar cruise company, is a real polar specialist. PONANT will take you to the most remote regions in total safety: our Captains and crew are professionals, specially trained to sail in icy waters. Our latest-generation fleet has the most modern technology to guarantee both your safety and respect for the regions visited. The size of our ships means we can get as close as possible to areas that are difficult to reach, offering a privileged access to preserved sites. Our flexibility enables us to adapt to the surprises inherent to these expedition itineraries.

      Professional expedition teams, varied activities

      After scouting missions in the field, our Expedition Leaders and their teams of naturalist guides design exceptional itineraries in the polar regions. During the cruise, they organise daily outings and shore visits in Zodiac® dinghies and hikes on land so as to get as close as possible to nature and wild fauna. In the Arctic and in Alaska, the close relationships that our teams have been able to build with the local communities will enable you to understand the life of these peoples of the Far North, and to share it for a few hours. On board, the naturalist guides will share their knowledge during various conferences on fauna, the history of the great explorations, geology and climatology…

      Flight Paris/Bergen + Transfers + Flight Longyearbyen/Paris

      For your serenity, PONANT selects a flight for your trip and provides transfers and visits. This package is included in your cruise fare.


      Embarkation Day - Paris/Bergen

      Flight Paris/Bergen selected by PONANT. Approximate flight duration: 2 h 30.

      Meet and greet at the Bergen airport by our local representative.

      Panoramic drive to the port of Bergen where you historical walking tour of Bryggen district will start. In 1702, a disastrous fire struck the area, but these buildings were rebuilt like they stood in the Middle Ages. The whole area is under protection and is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Walk up one of the narrow alleyways running between the rows of houses, and then you will go back to the pier for embarkation.


      – Cruise on board Le Boréal –


      Disembarkation Day - Longyearbyen/Paris


      Meet and greet at the port by our local English-speaking representative.

      Leave for Advent valley where you will visit Camp Barentz. Let yourself be carried by the Spitsbergen stories told by your local guide, and imagine the wild atmosphere of the Arctic Tundra. This far from town you can really feel the wilderness and experience what it was like for explorers here before the towns were built.

      Flight Longyearbyen/Paris selected by PONANT. Approximate flight duration: 4 h 40.


      Please note:

      • Flights included in the programme are in economy class.
      • Detailed programme including flight schedule will be provided with your travel document.
      • We recommend you wearing comfortable shoes for the walking tour in Bryggen, and  comfortable and warm outdoor clothing for Camp Barentz.
      • For passengers in transit in Paris, we recommend staying one night in Paris after your connecting flight.
      • Package subject to availability.
      • This programme is subject to change.


      To know your PONANT flight schedule, please contact your travel advisor; it is also indicated on your electronic ticket included in your travel documents. Passengers must check in at least two hours before flight departure time.

      Important information

      This cruise includes 4 days/3 nights expedition from Tromso.

      Expeditions programs include activities such as Zodiac® outings (sometimes with "wet landing"), moderate walks to more active hikes. All this accompanied by your expedition team of naturalist guides. Certain zodiac® outings will not allow for landings just cruising. Landings will depend on weather conditions, position of ice and winds and the state of the sea. These can force a change of plans at any time.

      Travelling to polar/isolated regions is an exhilarating experience. The raw beauty and untouched wilderness offer an unusual chance to experience a place where there is little evidence of human presence. Inevitably, there are some consequences that come with such remoteness: please remember that you are far from modern hospitals with full medical facilities, thus evacuation is highly expensive. Without the necessary medical coverage, all expenses will have to be immediately paid from with your personal funds. We urge you to subscribe a full coverage insurance, choose your insurance company very carefully and be extremely vigilant and ensure your insurance is fully comprehensive.

      Taking into consideration the unusual and exceptional character of expedition itineraries, the calls shown are an indication only. The final route will be confirmed by the Captain and Expedition Leader, who will take into account the touristic quality of the sites and above all, the safety of the passengers. Their decision will be subject to that of local authorities and/or the expert pilots present on board during the navigation in polar and /or isolated zones.

      Dressing tips:

      • Water-resistant parka offered on board (for adults only) on Expedition cruises where the stamp “Parka gift” appears
      • Half calf rubber boots with non-slip soles, which will allow you to land in 20 cm of cold water, keeping your feet dry for walks and visits on steep paths. You can also bring water-resistant hiking boots. A boots rental will be offered onboard (for adults only) on Expedition cruises where the stamp “Boots offered” appears
      • Comfortable pants: classic Winter pants, warm cotton tracksuit
      • Water-resistant windbreaker over pants - COMPULSORY
      • Winter pants with water-resistant over pants is the ideal combination: water-resistance and comfort suitability of pants are essential
      • Pullover, sweat-shirt or fleece jacket
      • Thermal sweater
      • Fleece muffler and fleece cap or thermal beanie covering ears (avoid scarfs which do not stand still)
      • Water-resistant and supple gloves
      • Polarized sunglasses with high UV filter
      • Walking sticks (highly recommended)

      Feel free to visit the PONANT online shop which offers a selection of equipment and accessories adapted to our destinations at the following address:

      Benefits of the PONANT shop:

      • expert advice to gear up
      • a selection of technical equipment and accessories approved by our naturalists
      • Duty Free prices
      • delivery directly on board
      Need information ?