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If it is a magical experience, it's definitely a cruise to Greenland. Majestic icebergs, glaciers and iconic fjords, exceptional fauna, visits to traditional villages and meeting Inuits all will contribute to the complete relaxation and enchantment of the trip. 


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Highlights - Greenland

This is a land where time seems to hold no sway. It's a land that seems forgotten, an inaccessible corner of the world. For centuries, however, it has been the land of the Inuits and refuge for rich wildlife. Immense landscapes where the icebergs cut through the waters with their changing colours and spectacular fjords complete these wonderful scenes. Here are the experiences not to be missed during a cruise in Greenland. .

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Highlights - Greenland

Essential - Greenland

What essential information do you need when visiting Greenland? Here is a practical guide to help your exploration of this vast region and familiarise you with the customs of the inhabitants.

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Essential Greenland

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